Richard Hemingway


Richard has 30 years business experience in senior corporate roles, living and working throughout Australasia. He has been involved in the valuation, acquisition, divestment and post acquisition integration of businesses ranging from small, family owned companies to major corporates. This allows him to advise on strategies to improve business value in the years leading to the sale of a business and assist in the structuring of ‘win-win’ deals to suit each transaction.

Richard established the Mandanex group in 2014. Links to its current business operations can be found below. He is a Chartered Accountant, AIBB Registered Business Valuer and approved advisor with the Advisory Board Centre. He is a director of the AIBB and the regional business valuation specialist for IR Global.

Outside of business, Richard has spent over 10 years working in governance roles in the education sector. He passionately believes in the contribution each and every young person can make, and supportive, respectful education is a key element in unlocking this potential. He acts as  mentor for younger CAANZ members.

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